After spending nearly eight years in the halls of the world’s two largest, and most prestigious professional services firms, Aaron decided it was time to move closer to home to spend more time with his newborn son.  Taking much of what he learned from the private sector’s gold standard, Aaron joined the heroes of law enforcement in 2014, and now has a multifaceted role where he’s able to facilitate the duties of the members of a great law enforcement agency, and serve a greater purpose.  He hasn’t looked back.
After graduating from Michigan State University in 2003, Aaron worked in politics where he rose to become the deputy executive director of a county party.  It was then that he fine-tuned his prowess as a warrior, where he successfully fought to achieve and maintain a 100% election rate of all seats touching the county, from the townships to Congress.
A true aficionado of the outdoors, Aaron thoroughly enjoys golf, fishing and cutting the grass with a trusty John Deere tractor.  During his free time, Aaron enjoys ripping lips into large fish. When the fish aren’t biting, he’s either shooting an 87-95 golf score, or working in the yard.
Aaron is a fan of slow songs, the piano, America and Perry Reeves.  He prefers sad songs to happy ones.  He enjoys reading Supreme Court opinions, playing cards and spending time with his family.  He enjoys watching soccer (his favorite team is Chelsea), and misses the boxing of old.  Aaron is a member of many service and outdoor organizations.  He once ate breakfast with Christian Bale and continues to admire the late, great Antonin Scalia.