Inspirational People
“I’m sorry Joe Frazier is mad at me. I’m sorry I hurt him. Joe Frazier is a good man, and I couldn’t have done what I did without him, and he couldn’t have done what he did without me. And if God ever calls me to a holy war, I want Joe Frazier fighting beside me. ” – Muhammad Ali

The Missile Silo
The Missile Silo is the studio that harnesses the fusion of master beat maker James “Missile Man” Scudder and writer Aaron Jacobs.  In 2003 the dynamic duo joined forces to create The Rudy Tomjanovich Experience, producing avant garde underground masterpieces, dis tracks, friend favorites, and competition winners.  Their greatest hits include The GiantAfghaniJAM, Interrogation Techniques, The Randazzo Diss, and Credit Score or Nails.  Missile Man has been recognized for his beats for over a decade and has carried home a trophy for best underground beat maker, beating out over 100 other entrants.
The duo is recognized for their socially conscious music often focusing on current events and political figures the world over.  The Giant gained recognition for using lyrics detailing oppressive world leaders, alongside a mix of hit-you-in-the-face bass beats and horror movie music.

 The Billy Bopper Tour
 The Billy Bopper Tour is a golf tour consisting of 40 friends that get together to compete in the world’s greatest game.  The tour was founded in 2005 as a 12 man collective, and has since expanded beyond its original intent.  The Tour was originally created to reunite old friends who fell victim to life and separated with time.  After a four year run as the inaugural chairman, Jason Hawkins stepped down and passed the torch to Joe Renzi who, to this day, oversees its operation, and makes decisions with the advice and consent of Sean Meehan, his principal advisor.

Vito Smash
People often ask what the name “Vito Smash” means.  Those two words first fused when a friend programmed a computer game that required the player to smash as many “Vitos” as possible, by pressing a lever, prior to the “Vitos” escaping the room. “Vito” was the first name of  another friend. Since the game’s small inner circle release, and subsequent to someone, somewhere beating level 5000, a group of friends has used “Vito Smash” as a moniker for their traveling softball teams, basketball teams, and much, much more.  The legacy of Vito Smash would not exist today without the persistence and vision of Tim Fields and Troy Morrison.